Life on the water…What is it to be a boater?

Throughout our boating journey, one question resonates deeply within us: what draws us to the water? For me, it’s been about living out my dreams and embracing every opportunity to be on the waves. Engaging with both power and sail enthusiasts over the years has revealed diverse motivations – from the thrill of racing to […]

Tips for Selling Your Boat in Winter

Many boat owners wonder whether it’s worth keeping their boats listed for sale during the winter months. While selling a boat in winter poses some challenges due to weather conditions, the internet ensures that potential buyers are always searching for their dream vessel. Boat sales are opportunistic, meaning your boat should be available for purchase […]

Acquiring and Maintaining the Right Canvas for your Boat 

Boat canvas plays a crucial role in protecting your vessel from the elements and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s a bimini top, cockpit cover, or full boat enclosure, proper care ensures longevity and functionality.  Unfortunately, when you walk the docks at your local marina, you see lots of canvas that are in various states […]

Boating with Kids on the Chesapeake Bay

While I am a native New Englander, there is one thing that the Chesapeake Bay does better than the waterways of New England and that is the availability of a plethora of boating destinations.  Summer on the bay is one of my family and my favorite times of year and we try to extend the […]

The Power of Engine Trim vs Trim Tabs for Optimal Outboard Boat Performance

If you have spent any time running an outboard engine boat, you have probably noticed two trim options that can radically change the ride quality of your boat. The first one you will most likely engage with is engine trim. If you trailer your boat, you will most likely raise the engine when on the […]

What’s In Store for ’24? Exploring the Boating Market in the Post-Pandemic Era

It’s no secret that the boating world has experienced a boom in the last few years. Boating, including power and sail, have both experienced a strong resurgence, seemingly re-invigorating boating as one of our favorite family activities. At North Point, we have seen families double down on activities that bring parents and kids together, as […]