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100 Days on the Water

100 Days on the Water

Congratulation to Eunice Lin for joining the Spinsheet “Century Club”

I first met Eunice Lin at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis in October 2015 when I showed her a new Alerion 28. You could see in her eyes that she was in love with the boat. Although she was not alone at the time, her friends could not quite entice her to leave before we had agreed to get together again and talk about how we could find her own Alerion 28.

A few weeks later, we met again in Oxford at Campbell’s Bachelor Point Marina. In covered storage there was an Alerion 28, which had been repainted with fresh Awlgrip 2 years prior, but never relaunched due to health issues with the owner. We struck a deal and Eunice soon found herself sailing her 28 across the Bay with friends to its new home.

Since then Eunice has continued to race and sail with friends on other boats as well as compete in the local races in the Alerion 28. She has become an active member of the local Alerion 28 Owners Association and participated in their racing, cruising and social activities, including the 2016 Rendezvous at the Tred Avon Yacht Club, where they enjoyed racing with the local TAYC Friday night beer can racers. They also had their own series of races on Saturday, and enjoyed dinner and other activities in Oxford. 

The Alerion Sailing experience is all about pure sailing pleasure – what we refer to as Alerion Sailing – the thrill of a fast, responsive yacht that looks terrific, handles like a dream and doesn’t require a large or experienced crew. Whether daysailing, racing, or cruising, Alerion Sailing means sailing on your terms and at times that best suit your mood, your schedule, and the weather.

100 days on the water may sound like a lot of time, but it also sounds to me like a lot of fun and enjoyment, but don’t ask me, ask Eunice. Congratulations.

Written by:

David Cox