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2020 Hanse Early Bird Incentive

2020 Hanse Early Bird Incentive

We all know the saying, “The early bird gets the worm.” We agree, which is why every summer and fall we offer the Early Bird Special for Hanse and the Champions Choice package for Dehler Yachts. If you are in the process of shopping for a new boat, what does this meant to you?

When you put a deposit on any new Hanse (675 excluded) or Dehler sailboat, we will give you several of the most common options like electronics and sails for FREE! This means you can save $10,818 on a Hanse 315, all the way up to saving $77,967 on a Hanse 588. Looking at a Dehler? Save $8,422 on a Dehler 29 up to $50,620 on a Dehler 46.

So what are the restrictions or fine print?

The only thing we ask is that you put a deposit down in the months of July and August. That may seem like an odd time of year to buy a new boat, but in reality it is the perfect time. When placing an order in the summer it gets us first in line to make sure you have your new boat commissioned and ready to sail the following Spring. The reason behind this timing is that the majority of the boat shows world wide are late fall and early winter, which means that is when a lot of boats are ordered. By placing your order during the Early Bird time it helps offset some of the order load in the fall and ensures you get your boat when you want it.

So what happens if mid-summer is a bit too soon?

Hanse still offers the incentive in the months of September/October and November/December whith reduced value. To put it simply, in Sep/Oct you will still receive 75% of the full incentive value, and in Nov/Dec you receive 50% of the value.

If boat shows are normally your time to shop, this year may be a bit different. At North Point Yacht Sales, we are going to be hosting several virtual boat shows with live walk throughs on most models and lots of creative ways for you to do your shopping. Once you have seen all you need online, give one of our sales team members a call and we can put together a custom quote and find a time to get you onboard the boat of your choice for a safe and private walk though.

Package incentives vary from each model. Reach out to find out exactly what is included on individual models.

Article by Grady Byus