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Caymas Boats Factory Visit

Caymas Boats Factory Visit

This winter our team gathered for a trip to the Caymas Boats factory just outside of Nashville, TN. I know what you are thinking – “Why would they build boats in land locked TN!?” Well, there are a few people in the boat building world that command as much respect as Caymas Boats Founder Earl Bentz. He is one of the most storied boat builders from bass boats to world class offshore fishing boats. Earl has built boats all over the East Coast and in several cases, right at home in Nashville. Earl knows that the people working day in and day out on the factory floor, are the most important part of boat building. This is why he broke ground in 2018 a massive new factory, creating over 250 new jobs and built for the demand Earl and Caymas would have.



Walking around the factory, it is quick to see that almost everyone there is an experienced boat builder, and has worked for Earl in the past. The Caymas plant is set up like many boat building facilities including a lamination room where new hulls are laid up, a parts section where things like fish boxes, locker lids and consoles are built, and finally an assembly room where all the parts are wired, plumbed, and installed to create the finished boat. Having been in many boat building factories, I can tell you there aren’t many “tricks up the sleeve” nor is there a special sauce that builders today use to have an edge over one another. What you see when you walk through the Caymas factory is a clean and organized facility, the right process and tools purpose built to make their boats the right way, and a confidence and determination by the men and women who are there to execute Earl’s vision.


Caymas builds Bass fishing boats, hybrid style boats built for inshore/and offshore saltwater fishing, and this winter will launch the first of their new larger offshore fishing line, the Caymas 34. You will see all three types of boats being built on the factory floor, which allows the ability to maintain the right staff, learn from big boats and small boats, and keeps the company healthier through diversity. Its not often we visit a facility and can say that things are done right from the build floor, to the design room, and finally by those that lead the next great boatbuilding company. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of this story moving forward!


-By Grady Byus