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Life on the water... What is it to be a boater?

Life on the water... What is it to be a boater?

This is a question that we ask ourselves throughout our boating lives. I have been living out my dreams and pushed hard to experience anything that gets me on the water. Over the past several years I have had many discussions with our power and sail clients about what drives them to the water. Some sailors talk racing while others enjoy the relief of a pleasant day sail. Many of our clients seek a sense of exploration making extended cruises on the Bay and beyond.

Recently we noticed that some clients have been talking more about fishing and we see this as an interesting trend. At North Point we value time on the water in all its forms and strive to support what you love and perhaps introduce you to other aspects as well. I hope you agree that life on the water has created some of the best memories that will last and bond your families together for many years to come.

We all have our stories about how we caught the bug in the first place; I’d like to share mine. Friends wonder how I got from a small town near Philadelphia to a water obsessed career. For me it started on a summer swim team which made me comfortable around water; after the swim team was finished for the summer my family packed and headed to Long Beach Island, or LBI in our local parlance. This was my first introduction to the ocean.  Man did I love waking up to see the sun rise from the east over the ocean. My best memories are of time spent with my dad watching that glow appear. After sunup we always went to the bay to crab and fish, then off to the beach to spend the afternoon swimming. That’s where the dreams started and the desire to figure out how to fulfill them began.

I really learned to sail when we moved to Annapolis and was exposed to the Bay and all the joys it provided. For years I made myself available 24/7 so I could get invites to race. The days spent racing on the Bay helped me build the skills to then challenge myself at ocean racing. This racing exposure, coupled with the trips I took as a kid with my father deep water fishing, and then a summer on a commercial  fishing boat gave me the confidence to pursue this life long dream. I was hooked and knew I loved the waters from the Bay to the vast freedom of the ocean. All time on the water helps us gain experience and make us become better boaters.

Watching my family grow up around the water has given me pleasure as my entire family developed a passion for life on the water. I have loved seeing the kids expand their knowledge and love for the water. My wife Jen has also grown her boating knowledge over the years and developed a passion and competence that is wonderful to share. This common experience has opened up so many opportunities and has nurtured our family bonds.

This passion and pursuit of learning more is also the fabric of being a boater.  We are never done learning and I challenge all of you to keep reaching for more. Life on the water is the best and I hope you can share your memories with us this summer. Lastly I would like to thank all of you for allowing us to be part of your boating life's journey.

Live life as a boater and demand more!


See you on the water soon,

Ken Comerford