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Outboard VS IPS Pod Drives

Outboards vs IPS Pod Drives on the New MJM 43zWhen faced with the decision of Outboard vs IPS Pod Drives you may wonder which is best. You're not alone! We're asked this question all the time. The truth is one option may be a better fit for your lifestyle and the other may not. For comparison sake we decided to use the MJM 43z in this example. Most of these qualities apply no matter which make or model boat you are looking at. Let's dive in...


The MJM 43z has the option of Triple Merc Verado 350’s. Many of these qualities can be found with most boat models that have the option of outboard engines. The benefits of this particular model include: 
- Top speed of 53 MPH.
- Frees up storage space to bring along everything you need for fun on the water.
- Extreme shallow draft allows her to get into the skinny water places that are out of reach to most.
- Easy regular maintenance 


The 43z for example, comes with the engine option of Volvo IPS 650 Pods. Many of these qualities can also be found to be true on most boat models on the market today. Here are the benefits for this model in particular: 
- Volvo IPS version boasts a top speed of 46 MPH.
- It's duoprop provides easy joy stick docking.
- For closeness and access to the water, you get to enjoy a large swim platform for relaxing.
- Category-leading efficiency (for half the trips to the fuel dock with a 340 mile range at 37 MPH).
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We hope this answers your question on Outboards vs IPS Pod Drives. If you have a question about a particular model that is not the MJM 43z please feel free to reach out to us anytime at 410-280-2038.