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Strategies to Help You Sell Your Boat

Strategies to Help You Sell Your Boat

Meet with your broker on the boat and develop the details of the listing and help the broker take preliminary photos. Provide any top notch photos you have of your boat.

Discuss the price and review the broker’s documentation of similar recent sales. The current economy and ease in researching comparable sales mean that the price needs to be right.  Too high a price can end the process before it begins.

Clean, clean, clean! Clear the boat of extraneous items. A buyer needs to be able to see the boat clearly; lockers full of personal gear that are not part of the boat’s inventory interfere with the evaluation phase and can stop the process in its tracks. Even many items which will convey are better stored ashore and a list left with the broker. Empty lockers say "there is plenty of storage space on this boat." Full, messy lockers make the opposite statement.

Keep your broker informed of the boat’s location and any changes in condition. Better yet, move it to our facility. At your option we can help set up a schedule to keep it clean or refinished as needed. Don’t worry about using the boat. Having to tell a potential buyer that you are cruising for a few days simply indicates that the boat is in a ready-to-go condition.

Let us do our job.  We will publish the listing worldwide, advertise to get the attention of buyers, present your boat in a way to secure their interest, guide them through the evaluation, and smooth the path to a decision.

Written by:

Peter Bass