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How to Build a Winning Program with Grant Spanhake

North Point Yacht Sales Presents:   How to Build a Winning Program with Grant "Fuzz" Spanhake   Whether your goal is to win a Wednesday night race, or The Worlds, this presentation will help you develop a strategy and plan to move your program to the next level.    Regardless of you...
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100 Days on the Water

Congratulation to Eunice Lin for joining the Spinsheet “Century Club” I first met Eunice Lin at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis in October 2015 when I showed her a new Alerion 28. You could see in her eyes that she was in love with the boat. Although she was not alone at the time, her friends could not quite entice her to leave before we had agreed to get together again and talk about how we could find her own Alerion 28.
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Strategies to Help You Sell Your Boat

Meet with your broker on the boat and develop the details of the listing and help the broker take preliminary photos. Provide any top notch photos you have of your boat. Discuss the price and review the broker’s documentation of similar recent sales. The current economy and ease in researching comparable sales mean that the p...
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Southport 33 FE Mezzanine Option

One of the many beautiful things about building a new boat with Southport Boats is that when you have a good idea, they listen! The Southport 33, and the whole Southport line-up for that matter, are sought after because they do several things very well- they hold true to the DNA of every Carolina-style center console and are organically suited for fishing of all types. They also recognize that along with fishing comes family entertainment. With comfortable seating, an ergonomic layout, and a legendary and trustworthy ride, the 33 will also get you to and from your favorite dockside restaurant in style.
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