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Friends Become Rivals at the 2017 A2N Race

  Annapolis Yacht Club members Richard Born and Jimmy Praley grew up sailing on big boats with their fathers. Both began by racing on the Chesapeake Bay during elementary school and then graduated to offshore racing as teenagers. After a lot of dinghy racing in high school and college, Born and Praley eagerly returned to big boat racing...
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Life on the water... What is it to be a boater?

This is a question that we ask ourselves throughout our boating lives. I have been living out my dreams and pushed hard to experience anything that gets me on the water. Over the past several years I have had many discussions with our power and sail clients about what drives them to the water. Some sailors talk racing while others enjo...
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Survey and sea trial, the last big hurdle

After an offer has been accepted, the all-important survey and sea trial takes place. The surveyor works for the buyer and is responsible only to the buyer. Brokers know the surveyors in their areas and can reach out to other brokers outside their home area for recommendations, but it is imperative that the buyer do his or her own due ...
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