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Guide to Closing: The Final Stages of Purchasing a Boat

There are many guides on how to purchase a boat but what happens next? You found your dream boat and have had it surveyed and you have accepted the boat. Do you know if the seller really owns the boat? Using a professional brokerage house like North Point Yacht Sales will help reassure that you are on a clear path to ownership.
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Best Yachts Under $2 Million Dollars

At North Point Yacht Sales we love boats, all types of boats. We look at and compare different boats on a daily basis. Often we get asked the question, "in your opinion, what are the best boats on the market?" Obviously we are very proud of and love the boats and brands we represent. But what other boats should be on the list of top bo...
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Outboard VS IPS Pod Drives

When faced with the decision of Outboard vs IPS Inboard Engines on any model of boat you may wonder which is best. At North Point Yacht Sales we get asked this question all time. The truth is one option may be a better fit for your particular lifestyle and the other may not. For comparison sake we decided to use the MJM 43z in this example. Most of these qualities apply no matter which make and model of boat you look at.
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Best Winter Boat Shows on the East Coast

Looking to escape the cold and dream of spring boating? Here is a list of great boat shows on the East Coast you can visit this winter. Pick a few on this list and head to one of these shows to get ready for boating season. This list features winter shows between December 21 - March 19 and is in no particular order.
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Inboard vs. Outboard Engine: Which is Best?

Inboard IPS vs Outboard: Which is best for you? A common question we get is which is best, an inboard or outboard engine. The truth is both have their positives and negatives, it's all about how you want to use your boat. Inboard may not be a right fit for you because you'd prefer to have more storage. Outboard may not be the right ...
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Who the Heck is North Point Yacht Sales?

At first meeting on a dock, at a boat show, or when someone stumbles into the office, the first question often is: who the hell are you guys? The short answer is: we are a yacht brokerage in the mold of the classic houses.    We sell sail and power, new yachts and selected brokerage, and strive to demonstrate fierce honesty in ...
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Tips for Buying a Brokerage Boat

  Used boat sales, or brokerage boats, make up the majority of the boats purchased in the US market. Despite that, buying a brokerage boat is still a commonly miss-understood process. Here are a few tips on how a first time or life time boat buyer can make the most of their buying process. Tip 1 – Use a Buying Broker. Boat buy...
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Happy Holidays from Our Crew to Yours

At North Point Yacht Sales we treat each of our customers like family. If your crew is anything like our crew, the holiday season is a time to have fun, tell jokes, eat, drink and be merry.
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