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Best Way to Avoid a Problematic Boat Winterization

Boat winterization is never fun because it signifies that summer is over and the winter cold is on the way. Here are a few tips to help ensure your winterization goes smoothly and allows your boat to be back in the water problem-free in the spring.
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Discounts on New Boats – How Much Should I Expect?

When buying a new boat, many boaters first figure out the boat(s) they are interested in, get a ballpark price, and then get to the pointed decision of trying to figure out which boat they are going to buy. But what will that boat really cost you in the end?
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Do I Need Boating Experience to Buy a Boat?

So, you are thinking about buying a boat and you have little to no boating experience. You may be asking yourself what kind of boat can/should I buy or if I can even buy a boat at all. Experience does play a role in what kind of boat you can buy or even if you can buy a boat at all. While a boat dealer can sell you a boat with you having little ...
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