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North Point Yacht Sales Becomes New Pursuit Dealer in Virginia

North Point Yacht Sales is excited to announce they have become the dealer for Pursuit Boats in the Southern Chesapeake Bay, operating from their Southern Bay Office at York River Yacht Haven in Gloucester Point, Virginia. Pursuit is one of the best known saltwater fishing boats in its class, while also featuring yacht-quality amenities. “I’ve always been impressed with the versatility of the Pursuit brand,” says Ken Comerford, Owner and President of North Point Yacht Sales. “due to the quality of the boats and long term stability of the company, we believe Pursuit will be a perfect fit for our customers.”
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Benefits of Buying a Boat New VS. Used

So, you have decided to buy a boat. The next question is usually, should I buy new or used? What are the advantages and disadvantages to each? I have been selling both new and used boats for almost 10 years and talked to hundreds of clients on this decision. Hopefully I can take these experiences and help you make the decision that is right for ...
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