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Caymas Boats Factory Visit

This winter our team gathered for a trip to the Caymas Boats factory just outside of Nashville, TN. I know what you are thinking – “Why would they build boats in land locked TN!?” Well, there are a few people in the boat building world that command as much respect as Caymas Boats Founder Earl Bent...
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Guide to Trading in Your Boat

In general, the market for boats is not expanding as rapidly as manufactures are building boats. This simple fact means the majority of boat buyers are already boat owners. Most boat owners looking to move up or down would rather not be faced with the prospect of owning ...
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North Point Yacht Sales appoints new Marketing Director, Lauren Mahoney

North Point Yacht Sales welcomes Lauren Mahoney the new Marketing Director for all three locations in Maryland and Virginia. Lauren will join the marketing team with Melissa Flake as the Social Media Coordinator. “Lauren brings a wealth of knowledge from years' of marketing experience in the boating industry.” says Ken Comerford, Owner and President of North Point Yacht Sales. "We are confident that Lauren will provide the sophisticated marketing and communications expertise to develop the great brands North Point represents."
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What To Look For In A Boat Sea Trial

Taking a used or new boat for a sea trial is nothing like taking a car for a test drive.  Think of it as more of a home inspection. You are looking to see if the boat is safe, performs as it should and that everything works as it should with no major deficiencies. The sea trial comes...
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Pros and Cons of a Self-Tacking Jib

When setting up your rig, you may wonder what some of the benefits and drawbacks of a self-tacking jib? We are asked this question all the time. Each rig set up has it's benefits, but it all depends on how you plan to use your boat. Here we will cover the pros and cons of the self-tacking jib system.    Benefits Less De...
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Best Downeast Outboard Powerboats: New Boats with Deep Roots

One of the most popular and recognizable power boat profiles is what is known as “Downeast.” They are marked by a graceful sheer, a trunk cabin forward, a midship house for the helm deck, and a large aft cockpit. The basic profile is derived from Maine lobster boats, which had less enclosed accommodations forward and more working cockpit aft.
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Guide to Closing: The Final Stages of Purchasing a Boat

There are many guides on how to purchase a boat but what happens next? You found your dream boat and have had it surveyed and you have accepted the boat. Do you know if the seller really owns the boat? Using a professional brokerage house like North Point Yacht Sales will help reassure that you are on a clear path to ownership.
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Best Yachts Under $2 Million Dollars

At North Point Yacht Sales we love boats, all types of boats. We look at and compare different boats on a daily basis. Often we get asked the question, "in your opinion, what are the best boats on the market?" Obviously we are very proud of and love the boats and brands we represent. But what other boats should be on the list of top bo...
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Outboard VS IPS Pod Drives

When faced with the decision of Outboard vs IPS Inboard Engines on any model of boat you may wonder which is best. At North Point Yacht Sales we get asked this question all time. The truth is one option may be a better fit for your particular lifestyle and the other may not. For comparison sake we decided to use the MJM 43z in this example. Most of these qualities apply no matter which make and model of boat you look at.
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Best Winter Boat Shows on the East Coast

Looking to escape the cold and dream of spring boating? Here is a list of great boat shows on the East Coast you can visit this winter. Pick a few on this list and head to one of these shows to get ready for boating season. This list features winter shows between December 21 - March 19 and is in no particular order.
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