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Join us in beautiful historic Annapolis for the 2020 United States Sailboat Show. We will have the newest J Boats, Hanse, Dehler and Moody Sailing Yachts on display.
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Best Mainsail Handling System: In-Mast VS Conventional

A discussion of mainsail handling systems splits into 2 basic camps: in-mast and conventional hoist. Performance sailors scoff at in-mast systems, decrying their limitations in sail shape and potential difficulty in dousing in an emergency. While, advocates of in-mast systems can’t understand why the conventional folks want to work so hard.
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Virtual Boat Show: Hanse & Dehler

We are bringing the Boat Show experience to you. Join us March 1 on Facebook LIVE as we virtually "walk the docks" and feature our Hanse and Dehler models. We are launching ALL-NEW boat walkthrough videos, interviewing industry professionals, and we'll be able to answer your questions LIVE.
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What To Look For In A Boat Sea Trial

Taking a used or new boat for a sea trial is nothing like taking a car for a test drive.  Think of it as more of a home inspection. You are looking to see if the boat is safe, performs as it should and that everything works as it should with no major deficiencies. The sea trial comes...
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Pros and Cons of a Self-Tacking Jib

When setting up your rig, you may wonder what some of the benefits and drawbacks of a self-tacking jib? We are asked this question all the time. Each rig set up has it's benefits, but it all depends on how you plan to use your boat. Here we will cover the pros and cons of the self-tacking jib system.    Benefits Less De...
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NPYS DEMO DAY ANNAPOLIS:: MJM, Southport Boats, Tiara Yachts, Tiara SPORT, J Boats, Hanse, Dehler, Moody

NPYS DEMO DAY: MJM Yachts, Southport Boats, Tiara Yachts, Tiara SPORT, J Boats, Hanse Yachts, Dehler, Moody Yachts
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