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The timeless elegance of Tiara Yachts is recognizable from great distances but is also evident in the smallest of details. Sweeping lines make for classic silhouettes, carefully curated colors and materials, and even the layouts themselves, establish the highest standards of comfort and sophistication. Thoughtful design and engineering allow for more open, airy spaces to connect with the water and with your guests. Integrated features allow for every conceivable adventure you might want to embark on, and below deck, our yachts offer a luxurious respite and refined quarters for socializing or just an enjoyable break. Every nuance of design has been crafted and polished for an unparalleled yachting experience.

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It's not merely our craft. It's our calling.

Everything Tiara Yachts does centers around the enjoyment of friends, family and the water. Tiara brings this focus to life through sophisticated design and engineering, creating yachts that are visually stunning, incredibly comfortable, technologically advanced, and easier to pilot. Tiara Yachts is unwavering in their commitment to perfection and constantly seeking ways to improve the yachting experience. They also believe in taking care of the customer first. It’s a passion that extends to the Tiara buying experience, and a better overall dealer organizatio-because every great voyage starts on shore. In fact, Tiara has earned the NMMA’s highest achievement award for CSI for their dedication to customer service and quality. We hope you feel their passion too, in every yacht that bears the Tiara name-some of the finest yachts on the water.

Progress Through Innovation

Tiara might be most recognizable by their elegant, timeless designs, hardware, and trims, but the real hallmark of our yachts are the innovative features. Tiara has partnered with the best engine manufacturers, and led the way in Volvo IPS drives, using joystick operation for ease of operation, nimble turns and overall ease of usage. Other innovations include a glass cockpit with visually appealing and modern designs. Tiara’s innovations extend to the philosophy of yachting as well, incorporating integrated features, storages and functionality to reflect the modern demands of yachting enthusiasts. They’re all ways Tiara makes our yachts easier to enjoy, not just for the captain, but for family and guests as well. Because what good is innovation, if it’s not for added enjoyment.

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