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Why do we do what we do? For the pursuit of something that is much bigger than ourselves.  We do it for the challenge, the excitement, the adventure that unfolds when we put everything we have into creating an experience that is whole.  We do it because it excites all five sense simultaneously.  We do it not only to push ourselves through the comfort zone and into areas that are unexplored, but to push a community of peers who share the same love. We challenge the meaning of exceptional, dedicating everything we have to our work but faithfully prioritizing the most important things in life: family, friendship, community, balance. Time on the water allows us to enjoy these priorities without fail, helping us to make sense of the hustle, nourishing the inner child within, and indulging the present with intention and control.

We do what we do because it allows us to put everything we know into everything we’ve ever dreamed of.  This is the truth.  It’s why we do what we do.

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At Boston Boatworks, we listen to our customers’ personal vision of their perfect day on the water, and our team learns from their insight.

The intention to build the best ex­tends to our entire ecosystem; the team of extraordinary craftspeople we work with every day, our current customers (and friends), industry partners, and all of the the boat owners whose vessels we have touched. Our success is measured through the value we create for every member of the greater Boston Boatworks family. This intention attracts people who share our values in what makes a premium offshore yacht, and who believe in the benefit of being part of something larger.

The design intention of the BB52 includ­ed all of these elements from the earliest stages. The resulting work, from Boston Boatworks and our partners Zurn Yacht Design and Winch Design, has created the beautiful BB52.


We love what we do, and we love to share the boat-building process with enthusiasts who resonate with our values in what makes a best-built boat. The sharing of ideas is what has kept our boats best-in-class, and our customers coming back. Over the decades, these strong values have developed into strong professional partnerships and personal friendships. We highly value our relationships with our team, designers, vendors, industry partners, dealers, and, most importantly, our customers. Together we learn, innovate, problem solve, share knowledge and technology, create, and have fun! Our diverse skills and backgrounds, combined with a shared passion for building excellence, continues to strengthen our abilities and offerings and lead us in new directions. From new construction to service, our commitment to our customers is unwavering. We are proud and excited to introduce the Boston Boatworks 52 Offshore Express Cruiser: the result of our core values, our commitment to excellence; of all we’ve learned together over the decades, and all the amazing relationships we’ve built.

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