BB 52



After 27 years of building hundreds of composite boats between 29 and 62 feet, including MJMs, custom sailboats, expedition tenders, and Coast Guard certified passenger vessels, Boston Boatworks is entering into its most exciting phase. It all started with a few simple questions. While our skilled team members were crafting high-quality, high-performing, ocean-rated yachts with knowledgeable boat owners, we’ve always wondered, “what if?” What if we combine extreme functionality with refined luxury? What if we remove ourselves from our own echo chamber and not base a new boat design on what has been done, but what can be done? The answers to these questions came with a singular, bold reply: the new BB52.

  • ISO CAT A Offshore Rated
  • 38 knot top speed (with optional
    engine package)
  • Hull by Zurn Yacht Design
  • Interior by Winch Design
  • Pre-impregnated Epoxy Composite
  • Renowned customer care
  • 1 or 2 stateroom layouts


The BB52 is more than a yacht. It represents all that a boat can be, in terms of construction, luxury, performance, and functionality. In many ways, it’s the boat we’ve been thinking about during the past three decades, and it reflects our collective experience and that of our owners as well. Moreover, it reflects the lessons learned from our 24-year partnership with Doug Zurn, a naval architect known for designs that turn heads, soften waves, and are equally at home delivering families to a beach and adventurers to offshore destinations. Into this proven collaboration, we are adding the spatial mastery and materials sophistication of Winch Design, the internationally renowned design studio responsible for creating the exteriors and interiors of some of the world’s most iconic superyachts, private aircraft, and residential properties. Bringing more than 35 years of experience to the project, Winch Design created a contemporary, yet timeless interior for the BB52 that is light, spacious, and in line with the Boston Boatworks values of durability, comfort, and sound ergonomics. Together with Zurn, Winch developed interior configurations to incorporate a multitude of elegant and clever features to make both the journey and destination equally enjoyable.



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