Chris Goforth

Service Manager

Let me introduce myself.  I grew up here on the Chesapeake my entire life in Southern MD crabbing, boating and fishing. A couple years out of college I met the guys from Williams yacht management.  I worked for those guys for 8 years learning all about boats.  I had received my captains license and learned the north/south deliveries.  I am sure you are aware but we managed several clients and refit projects while maintaining to the highest of levels.  I moved on as my interest for systems grew.  I went to work for MTS and began learning electronics and electrical systems.  After 2 years I was hired as a sub contractor to wire boats for Weaver Boatworks and F&S in DE. Boat building is my ultimate passion as being involved in the builds was second to none in my heart. After 2 short years I became the electrical engineer and technician full time for Weaver Boatworks. My passion grew and I was satisfied knowing I was managing and building some of the coolest custom boats in the world. I was then offered a position with Seakeeper that I would be involved in all custom boat installs and service in the mid Atlantic and NE.  This move seemed perfect.  However the amount of travel which was to be 70 percent was more like 98 percent and was not the best for my family as we have 4 children all in sports and etc.   I learned about Patrick Tewes from a Seakeeper client and I made the introduction. MES 4 day work weeks seemed wonderful and more my speed with the systems and diversity.  I worked for MES for 1 year before being offered a position with Atlantic Cruising yachts as after sales/warranty manager. I have currently been in place for a 1.5 years and learned a ton about organization and crm software.    What I am seeking.  I am a power boat guy through and through!  I love boat building and managing projects and vendors.  I love being the client PR and meeting and exceeding all expectations.  I am ABYC tech with tons of knowledge and taste.